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a letter from my friend - 2

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Die Kinderfresser-Bar: a letter from my friend - 2

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

a letter from my friend - 2

Some days ago, when happenings in Syria started, a friend of mine wrote me a letter. He described the political situation from his point of view, his hopes and his thoughts. I guessed other people out there might be interested too, so I asked for permission to publicize parts of the letters. Here is his second letter.

Last friday i was in a protest demonstration, it was peaceful!!!
and the protester were shouting peaceful, peaceful, and holding
olive branches!!!
After 15-20 min the protesters were shot
reports say there were 3 at least killed others say 6,
what a tragedy!!! I couldn't see anything in the rampage that
some colleges told that they buried 84 bodies in Daraa on Saturdy!!!
numbers are increasing and the system seems to start loosing their
temper, there was a warning from internal ministry that they will
not tolerate vandalism acts!!!
until now the authorities claim that the shootings are the acts of
sabotagers, and external vandalizes!!!
the Kurds in north east Syria have joined the protests, and i think
this is what provoked the authorities!!!
I can't see a clear ending for what is happening, and every one is
mis-interpreting the events and missing the big picture.
this  last point i shall write about next time.


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