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Die Kinderfresser-Bar: a letter from my friend

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

a letter from my friend

Some days ago, when happenings in Syria started, a friend of mine wrote me a letter. He described the political situation from his point of view, his hopes and his thoughts. I guessed other people out there might be interested too, so I asked for permission to publicize parts of the letters. Here is his first letter.

I write you with a heavy heart, because of the tragic incidents!!!
I never thought i would see this day come to reality, my own people
slaughtered just for the freedom of speech.
I saw some demonstration in the streets, and other on the TV, some
pro and other against, but what a difference between the both!!!
I always knew that a conflict between the authorities and the
opposition will lead to bloody clashes and the death of people.
there is now more and more tension in the region in general and
revolutions are spreading like fire in the area!!!
it seems too good to be true!!!
the area has been stable for over 30 years, no disputes what so
ever, and now this!!!
they say that still water rottens, and this is what happened!!!
there was no exchange of power for long time, which led them to run
out of idea's and popularity.
I pray that our rulers will know that the wind of change has came
and no way to stop the domino effect which reached to us.
My friend freedom speech is a priceless gift you indulge it in
Europe, preserve it at all cost, some say freedom is taken not
I wish to be able to help more but i can't under the circumstances.


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